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I want to use workerman/http-client to work with the Telegram bot.
But in my country they’re blocking the connection with this messenger.
With curl I use proxy (from another country) like curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_PROXY, "socks5://user:pass@ip:port") and it works.
How can I do the same in http-client?
Thank you!

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You can try stream_context_set_default (['http' => ['proxy' => '']]); Set the global proxy, or set the proxy individually, I have not tested, but you can try

  • Monik 2020-05-06

    I tried it this way - it does not work.
    Also tried in ConnectionPool.php file in function create() set context options (for http and curl).
    When I try to access blocked resources, I get:
    SSL handshake error: stream_socket_enable_crypto()
    Connection closed


I have encountered this problem before. Later I used Proxifier to solve the problem. You can also refer to Which country are you from? Is it because your country's firewall prevents you from accessing the designated website?

  • Monik 2020-05-06

    I'm from Russia. Sites like, and many others are blocked. I use a proxy server in a neighboring country to work with blocked resources.


workerman/http-client not support socks5 proxy now.

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